Our Story

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away. Ok, no, it's not one of those stories. Back in 2018 though, Joshua Moffitt had the realization that he was incredibly overweight and he was worried that with his past health problems, life was just going to get worse. The motivations were simple, how can I look better, feel better, and live longer for my kids, we really get into that in our first episode and a few other ones. 

So one day at work, I decided to do a triathlon. It didn't go great but I finished it. At 307 pounds and with a broken ankle. Thanks to the help from my friend Colin, it was possible. 

Before that though. My son JJ, said he wanted to do something to benefit animals, his giant hear was such an inspiration. So in the time leading up and during the triathlon, we started taking donations to benefit the WWF. And that's when CHUBRUN was born. Now, we take donations to help folks turn their lives around from a fitness standpoint, with coaching and training. And Fattest Guys in the Room, is an extension of that. Us talking about our experiences with fitness and life and how to just get up and get out their. Find out more on Chubrun on the Chubrun Page. 

"Good lord, I'm supposed to be dead right now. This is crazy"

Our Mission

Our mission is pretty simple. To give people a way to positively talk about their experiences, and approach fitness from a happy standpoint. Not a "oh i need to do this" but from a "why not do this?" There's nothing stopping you from getting there, and we're here to help. 

And if we can help some animals in the process, that's what we want to do. 

Let's Connect

We're not cool enough to have our own office yet. But if you visit: 

98 Inverness Drive E.

Englewood CO. 80112

And wander around, you'll find us. 




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